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13th July

NUT - Winning the Arguments

The NUT is engaging and pressuring the Government about the matters that teachers care about.

5 July strike

Tens of thousands of NUT members rallied and marched against funding cuts and for better terms and conditions. With thousands of schools affected or closed, the strike drew national attention to school funding. After days spent trying to avoid the issue, Nicky Morgan was finally forced to try and defend the Government's position.

We gained the support of parent groups, political parties and sister unions including the BMA. 6,000 teachers joined the NUT in the week leading up to the action!

Winning the argument

The very next day, the School Teachers' Pay Review Body told the Government that it needs to increase school funding and give teachers a pay rise. We are clearly winning the argument on funding and pay. Now we must continue our campaign to keep the momentum and attention created by the strike.


The primary school SATs results published on 5 July told 47% of Year 6 students that they had failed to reach the expected standards. This cannot be allowed to stand. The NUT has called on Nicky Morgan to apologise and resign - she must take responsibility for this system that has set expectations beyond the reach of half of all eleven year olds. It is the Government's system that has failed, not the students.

Add your voice

Wherever you teach, sign and share this on-line petition by Lancashire head teachers calling on Nicky Morgan to resign. We will email all NUT primary school members later this week with more information about the Union's primary assessment campaign.

We will be in touch about future steps in the campaign on education funding and teachers' conditions. Please get involved in your Union locally. Together, teachers can shape the future.

8th July

National Average, by Jess Green

Here's the poem Jess Green performed at our rally - 'A poem about the over testing of UK primary school children, a ban on SATs parties and Nicky Morgan's misunderstanding of the law of averages.'

8th July

Kumaran Bose speaks to Association Meeting

In a moving speech at Leicester NUT's strike rally on 5th July, Kumaran Bose, the bakers' union activist, explained how he was initially suspended and eventually sacked by Samworth Brothers. Despite an exemplary record with the company, he had been victimised for organising the work force and increasing trade union activity.

Kumaran also spoke at the Leicester NUT Association meeting the next day. NUT members resolved to write to Samworth Brothers demanding his reinstatement and to launch a campaign to encourage members to boycott the company.

5th July

Strike and rally in Jubilee Square

Leicester supply teachers supporting today's strike.
Leicester supply teachers supporting today's strike.
Leicester NUT say No ifs no buts no education cuts!!
Leicester NUT say No ifs no buts no education cuts!!

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