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13th February

Why I Will Be Voting Yes in The Ballot

In February's edition of City Teacher, Leicester NUT Secretary, Ian Leaver, explained why he would be voting no. In this edition, supply teachers' officer Simon Robinson explains his reasons for a yes vote.

I'm voting Yes with several reservations regarding democracy and accountability in our existing NUT and the future NEU.


13th February

Unions in dispute with LA over reduction of services to schools

Both teaching and non-teaching unions have been angered by the LA's unilateral withdrawal of the payroll service to Academy schools in the city. The decision was taken without any consultation with either schools or unions. It also took no account of the fact that some Academies in the City had been established with the encouragement of the LA in order to provide a protective sponsor for other schools.


13th February

Time to reintroduce a Leicester Redeployment Procedure

At the time of the Secondary Review, in the late 1990s, Leicester had an effective, working redeployment procedure. It gave staff who were being made redundant from one school the opportunity for prior consideration by any other school that needed to increase its staff.

The result was few actual redundancies and the retention of employment opportunities across the city for teachers and TAs who had already contributed to local learning. It speeded up recruitment for schools that were expanding and reduced costs in terms of both advertising and redundancy payments.


25th January

Ofsted Inspectors must not give the impression that marking needs to be undertaken in any particular format and to any particular degree of sophistication or detail

Ofsted's November 2016 School Inspection Update contained the following message from Sean Harford (Ofsted's National Director, Education):

As I have said before, marking has proved to be one of the harder myths to bust. In part, this has been because we have continued to report on it extensively at some inspections, especially with reference to areas for improvement in previous inspection reports from some time ago. I remain concerned that we continue to see some inspection reporting which gives the impression that more detailed or more elaborate marking is required, or indeed that it is effective in promoting pupils' achievement. Inspectors must not give the impression that marking needs to be undertaken in any particular format and to any particular degree of sophistication or detail; the reference to marking on page 10 of the school inspection handbook deals with this.


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