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1st December

Is 'fair workload' becoming an oxymoron?

Without a doubt, the major cause of poor retention, low recruitment and illness is excessive workload practices in schools. This does not have to be the case!

I'm going to avoid the horrendous statistics and focus on the positives and the tools we can use to campaign for a fairer workload. Speaking at a recent Fair Workload Conference in Nottingham, Jeremy Hannay gave an inspirational talk titled From Meaningless to Meaningful. He's the head teacher of Three Bridges Primary School in Ealing, which despite being at the top of Ealing's deprivation tables, has also been at the top of their performance and progress tables. They are also in the top 3% of all English Primary Schools for Pupil Progress from KS1 to KS2. You may have heard of him from an article in the Guardian last year, Tips on reducing teacher stress from the 'happiest school on earth'.


1st December

Health & Safety Matters - Equalities Act, Stress, Fire Sprinklers, Air Pollution

Covered by the Act?

Last month we were privileged to have Colleen Johnson as a guest speaker at our general meeting. You will have seen the article on the meeting in last month's City Teacher. This article expands on the information in that article.

The Equalities Act of 2010 combined a number of previous pieces of legislation. One of these was the old Disabilities Discrimination Act which protected people with various disabilities from being unfairly treated at work. Unfortunately the term 'disabled' is often viewed as pejorative, and the perceived stigma discourages people from identifying themselves as disabled. In reality it would be far better if we considered people as having different but equally important abilities in the same way we consider people of different race or sexual orientation to be different but equal.


6th December


It was the first of December. The Senior Leadership team at Jacob Marley Free School for Incompetent Teachers had issued the official Christmas duties list. The list was emailed to each teacher and teaching assistant marked URGENT. It was also stapled to each classroom door, so no-one could claim not to know.

Comprehensive daily planning for all subject areas for the Spring Term was to be handed in, in triplicate, not later than Monday 18th December. All staff were required to have completed the marking of the end-of-term tests (taken on December 22nd) by Boxing Day, with grades and comments to be submitted onto the progress tracker by no later than 4pm so that unsatisfactory grades could be used to assess pay for January.


6th December

From the Archives: Holidays

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the disparity between The City and County school holiday patterns. A look at the 1967 Annual Report would suggest that these discussions go back at least fifty years.

Minaz, and other young teachers, may also be interested to see that it is also the fiftieth anniversary of the first NUT Young Teachers' Conference, and it was held in Leicester!

22nd November

Mercury takes up Fullhurst story

Following our concerns about Fullhurst Community College's probationary policy, we thought that you might be interested in this article from The Mercury.

Teachers urged to boycott Braunstone school over controversial new policy

16th November

Building a new life

Melisa Mujkanovic, a teacher at Crown Hill Community College, was featured in July's The Teacher. In it she talks about fleeing from Bosnia and building a new life in Leicester.

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